QUOTE The first thing to do is to Tell us about your project so that we can prepare you a quote and a preliminary design of your piece/s.
If you wish, we can suggest alternatives materials at different price ranges to produce the same piece/s of furniture. We can also give you options on the price of delivery and if necessary installations.
TIME LINE Once we have all the elements of your project, destination of the order and your deadline we can prepare you an accurate time line.
Factors which affect your time line will of course be the complexity of your order, the size of your project and the type of shipping your budget allows. We work with International freight forwarders, airlines and express services depending on the budget of the client.
ENGAGEMENT Once you have the preliminary drawing, the price and the time line, you should have the necessary elements to make your decision.
If you decide to confirm the order we ask for a 30-50% deposit before finishing the designs.
FINALIZING THE DESIGN This is the step where we iron out the details like wood tints and handles. For big integrated pieces (in Paris), we can come over and verify your measurements. We always suggest checking the sizes of doors and windows to see whether the piece can enter into its space or whether it needs to come disassembled. Once we have all these details we can draw up the final drawings.
READY FOR PRODUCTION Before we start sawing and drilling, we have you look over the final designs and make sure that all the details we discussed are noted on the drawings. If everything is correct, this is the moment to sign them so that we can send them off to the atelier.
DELIVERY If your goods are arriving in a container destined for our warehouse in Nanterre, we will call you when it has arrived. We can either organize a delivery for you or send you a map to our warehouse so that you can pick up your piece/s. Your balance will be due at the pick up / delivery of your goods unless we have established a payment plan. If your goods are arriving directly from Indonesia, we contact you when they are ready to leave. For full containers, the balance will be made against documents. For small orders the balance can be paid at the delivery.