MATAHATI eye of the heart - has been working with Indonesia since 1990. We create furniture that is:
ECOLOGICAL We use a range of eco-conscious materials such as reclaimed teak wood and sustainable resources such as: coconut, bamboo, cinnamon, mussels and wood branches.
HANDMADE To assure the long life our furniture, we use classic cabinet making techniques such as doweled mortise and tenon joints and floating panels. All our mosaics are cut and pasted piece by piece to give the rich finishes that one simply can not replicate with a machine.
ORIGINAL in DESIGN Liba and Laszlo are the two principal designers for Matahati. We design our own exclusive and copyrighted collections as well as custom pieces for our client's projects. We can also adapt any of our existing pieces to better match your needs.
FAIR Matahati is a 19 year collaborative affair between our Madurese partner and specialized artisans. Our pricing is a mutual process which takes into account the necessity to pay well for quality work.

A LITTLE HISTORY... Matahati started as wholesalers. Our collections were selectively sold through exclusive boutiques and stores including:
  • Le Bon Marche Paris
  • Printemps Paris
  • Maison Coloniale
  • Henri Bendells NY
  • Donna Karan Home
  • Conceio Vasco Lisbon
  • Fashion Suga Tokyo
  • Mobilis, Suisse
  • Holding Company, London.
Over the years our Custom Services came to take precedence over the wholesale. In 2003 we stopped small wholesale orders out of Paris. (However we can still prepare containers from Indonesia or design a collection for your company)

Clients for custom projects include:
  • Hôtels Marriott
  • Club Med,
  • Aveda Cosmetics,
  • la banque privée Carmignac Gestion place Vendôme, Paris.
  • les familles royales d’Arabie Saoudite et du Bahrain
  • le restaurant Thiou à Paris
  • St Barthélémy/St Martin pour différents promoteurs
  • ainsi que pour de nombreux clients séduits par l’originalité de notre travail et le professionnalisme de nos prestations.
Our team, in France and in Indonesia look forward to working with you,

Liba et Laszlo

ANTIQUES We carry a selection of traditional and Colonial antiques from Indonesia.