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Antique Indonesian cabinet
Antique Indonesian cabinets have a wide range of styles from being simple to being heavily carved.

Photo 1: Antique Javanese teak cabinet with metall bars. Early 20th century.
Photo 2: Primitive cabinet from Java, late 19the century. Art et Décoration.
Photo 3: Teak cabinet with metal bars. Mid 20th century.

These particular photos are only representative of this style of our antique benches.
If you are interested in seeing photos of cabinets that we have in stock, we will prioritize your request and send them to you by email. You can use the Contact button in the horizontal menu to email us.

Second photo: a primitive Javanese cabinet seen in Art et Decoration.
Reference : FAR ETH AN
Dimension (L/H/P) : nous consulter cm
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...and what if you adapted it?

If you like the piece presented here but it doesnt correspond to your needs, we can reproduce it with your criteria in mind. For example, we can change the tint, the dimensions, the position of the elements. Let us know what you need and we will prepare you a quote.