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Open Ended Shelving Unit with Mosaic Cabinet
This solid recycled teak shelving unit has a decorative cabinet covered in BRANCH mosaic.
The sides are open giving the unity an airy and light presence.

The shelves are solid teak and adjustable in 15 cm increments.

Like all our furniture this unit can be made in any size, with any tint and with the mosaic of your choice or with a completely different material. The original model was done with a teak and bamboo cabinet.  You can find the example on the bottom of this page.

Please consult our bottom left hand menu for custom elements.  We will be happy to quote your project.
Reference : FSHE HP ADJ
Dimension (L/H/P) : 130 x 179 x 36 cm cm
Price : Avec mosaique: 1600, bois: 1350 , bambu: 1200 €

...and what if you adapted it?

For any of our pieces, we can: change the size, change the tint, change the material, replace the handles, change the position or quantity of any of the elements and respond to any special need you might have.

Here are a few examples:

A double version in teak and bamboo with a section for CD's and DVD's
The same model in teak and bamboo