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Sliding coco doors to hide a mural television
We can build a decorative wall to hide a mural television set.

The doors can be made with any of our mosaics or with panels of bamboo, a MING motif or solid teak, simple or decorative.

For this large mural television we custom built brown coconut mosaic panels and sliding doors set above a fireplace. The panels give a rich contemporary addition to the airy modern room.

Feel free to browse our catalogue for mosaics, glass, mirrors, wood tints, textures, handles, etc.. We have a large range of materials and techniques to choose from.
Reference : FRM CON HIFI
Dimension (L/H/P) : vos mesures cm
Price : sur devis

...and what if you adapted it?

For any of our pieces, we can: change the size, change the tint, change the material, replace the handles, change the position or quantity of any of the elements and respond to any special need you might have.