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Burl Lamp Base with Filament Bulb.
Each lamp in this series is carved from a piece of oak or teak burl. The base is waxed revealing the organic patterns in the wood. The size of the base depends on the burl being used. Be sure to ask us what we currently have in stock.
This base comes with a large filament bulb. Price is determined buy size of base bulb.
Reference : LMP CON LEDL
Dimension (L/H/P) : aprox 12 x 32 x 25 cm cm
Price : 150-400

...and what if you adapted it?

For any of our pieces, we can: change the size, change the tint, change the material, replace the handles, change the position or quantity of any of the elements and respond to any special need you might have.

Here are a few examples:

Another version carved out of a large block of teak burl.