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Coconut and cinamon buffet
Solid reclaiemd teak structure with Cinamon mosaic doors and a solid reclaimed teak drwer with white Coco mosaic.  All the joints of this buffet are hidden under mosaic whick keeps the design simple and minimalist. The drawer and top are cut on a 45° angle to keep the junction as simple as possible.

We currently have the original sample of this piece with wood sides. It is on sale for 950€. See pictures 2 and 3.
Reference : BUF HP CINCO
Dimension (L/H/P) : 85 x 60 x 45 cm cm
Price : 1650 €

...and what if you adapted it?

For any of our pieces, we can: change the size, change the tint, change the material, replace the handles, change the position or quantity of any of the elements and respond to any special need you might have.