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Ming bedside table
This little bedside table was made to go with our MING headboard. The brackets under the table top tie it in to the collection.
Model in the photo is done in a Natural finish.
Reference : FTA CHI CHEV
Dimension (L/H/P) : 42 x 45 x 42 cm
Price : 400 € / pcs - 750 € la paire

...and what if you adapted it?

For any of our pieces, we can: change the size, change the tint, change the material, replace the handles, change the position or quantity of any of the elements and respond to any special need you might have.

Here are a few examples:

Smaller Candy Brown version with doors instead of an empty space.

Same model but with the drawer on the bottom.

A small table - buffet based on our Ming side table.
A pair of high versions with a drawer covered in bambu mosaic.