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Antique caned 'Kursi Malas'
The Kursi Malas is a grand classic of the Indonesian islands. The swooping back joins the seat without interruption. This makes the chair particularly comfortable. Two leg-rests swivel out from under the armrest making it a chair perfect for a lazy moment. The Indonesian name: Kursi Malas means Lazy chair.

This particular photo is only representative of this style of armchair. If you are interested in seeing more photos in this category we will prioritize your request and send you the images by email.
Reference : FCR COL AN
Price : a partir de 950 €

...and what if you adapted it?

If you like the piece presented here but it doesnt correspond to your needs, we can reproduce it with your criteria in mind. For example, we can change the tint, the dimensions, the position of the elements. Let us know what you need and we will prepare you a quote.

A few examples of this piece adapted:

A simple and classic re-edition of the Kursi Malas.